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Bloomberg is ruining summer

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Perhaps my title is a little dramatic, but as soon as the temperature hits 65 and sunny, my body switches to iced-coffee mode. While I might not frequent the Dunkin' Donuts chain in NYC on a regular basis, it's the shop of choice when I know what I want and for approximately $3, will get a substantial amount of it. Well, not anymore. Props to Gothamist for informing me/the masses who were not aware, that the "soda ban" includes these caffeinated beverages as well.


I'm sorry Bloomberg, but how does you preventing me from acquiring my medium iced toasted almond or cinnamon (vanilla is so 2008) coffee in a simple order-and-receive way prevent obesity? I will now have to add my own flavor swirl? Does this mean that I get to go behind the counter and pump this liquid crack into my own cup? If I'm behind the trenches, can I get an employee discount?

So let me get this straight: I can only order my medium iced coffee sugar, flavor, and enjoyment-free, but I can order 10 doughnuts/25 munchkins at a time and eat them all in one sitting if I so desired?


This sounds like a fun way to protest.

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